Fire Suppression

Our Fire Suppression Systems

At Restaurant Kitchen Renovations, we understand the importance of top quality fire suppression systems because they are your primary source of protection from risk of fire damage. We source our fire suppression systems from reputable manufacturers who are trusted globally to serve the needs of our valued clients. Two major vendors we obtain our fire suppression systems from are Ansul and Protex. From them, we are able to deliver fire suppression systems that are made to last, providing full functionality over the years for your restaurant kitchen.

The main focus of our company is to deliver solutions that guarantee the safety of your business from any kind of fire related mishap. The average cost for fire damage restoration is $25,000, which poses a huge risk for any business. Fire suppression systems can guarantee that the risks are minimized and your restaurant kitchen is featuring the optimal safety standards required for any commercial kitchen.

When you opt for Restaurant Kitchen Renovations, you can rest assured that our fire suppression systems will completely safeguard your restaurant and business from risk of fire damage. We combine our superior quality products with our experience with restaurant kitchen safety to provide the most reliable fire suppression solutions in the Tri State Area.

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